2021 Official New Year Statement

Dear fellow citizens of Nigeria,

It is with great delight and a sigh of gratitude that we join the rest of humanity to welcome the year, 2021.

The exceptionally palpable sense of euphoria pervading the atmosphere, is perhaps, the clearest testament to a truly challenging year gone past and arguably, the most challenging in recent history, both as citizens of the world and particularly, as citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Some will argue, it has simply been another cycle in a continuum of night giving way to day and nothing more. However, it also remains true that we possess the freedom and dominion over the earth realm, to construct realities that enrich our lives and give meaning to our existence. Hence, the freedom to calibrate time, allowing for closed chapters and the birth of new beginnings.

The year 2021 presents another new opportunity to reset the clock, to do what must be done to facilitate the gradual but sure emergence of a Nigeria that enlivens our existence, rather than sets us to grief, despair and the asphyxiation of rapidly expanding desolation.

That is why, it is perhaps more expedient than ever before, that this year, the people must come together.

At TPACT, we are most certain that the new year has come, bearing promises of justice, peace, prosperity and the echoes of a nation on the road to recovery. However, like the farmer and the delight of harvest time, there is work that must be done for the expectation to become.

Again, the people must come together, eschewing the divisions that play into the hands of the shackles that hold us down.

It is the year of the citizen. The year when we must consistently, robustly and actively engage citizen power, to upturn the cart of bad governance in every nook and corner of Nigeria.

The year when we engage citizen power to beat back the encroachment of darkness on our nation space in all its forms and trappings. The year when we engage our institutions with support and where necessary, with fearless chastisement, for the greater good of the present and the future.

Yes, the Nigeria we desire remains in our hands to create and this 2021, we must come together, consistently harnessing our energies as one, holding power to account and everyday, working to be better citizens of a great nation.

To every Nigerian at home and in diaspora, we at TPACT wish you a 2021 filled with pride of country, wholesome peace, joy, justice and unbridled economic prosperity, defying all fears and worries, as we work assiduously together, to create the year we desire.

May the blessings of God and all that is good, be ours from this day through the entire length of the year, and may there be sounds of rejoicing as we usher out the year, counting our wins and the many blessings that made 2021 a great year.


Jide Odi
Public Relations Officer – TPACT.

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