About Us

Who Are We

We are a group of Nigerians who are tired of bad governance and have risen to challenge the status quo. Nigerians are ready!

Our Mission

To hold the government accountable for their actions and inaction ensuring Nigerians enjoy the dividends of democracy

What We Do

Founding Statement

The idea behind T-PACT emanates from the shared frustration and displeasure of downtrodden and concerned citizens who have come to the realization of the power of the youth population and its efficient ability to influence power and introduce true change. Democracy has accorded citizens the statutory ability to choose and regulate their political leaders, and this is only achievable when the people mobilize together to form and maintain a unified voice with a common interest and vision.

The secret to achieving a paradigm shift in the National polity lies in the ability to AWAKEN the passive electorates (Source: INEC database). This can be harnessed through the coming together, united through a strategic means, with One Voice. This will guarantee a people-based pressure group that will influence present and future governments, holding them accountable.

T-PACT seeks to exploit a remedial effort to engage and mobilize inactive citizens−irrespective of gender, religion, background and  ethnicity−to harness the power of their number for full and effective citizens’ participation in the business of governance and politics in order to build a political future that leaves no one behind.

T-PACT is set to make a bold move to put an end to the “revolving chairs” who have mismanaged the country’s patrimony. It is a bold move to end the era of poor political will to do the needful, sanitizing and ridding the country of all anti-progressive elements and policies. This is also a bold move to end the era of impunity, corruption and “turn by turn” culture of inefficient management. 

The 5Cs Of T-PACT

The Movement shall only support candidates and causes that fulfill the 5Cs checklist as follows:



A leader who is ready to get the job done with proven record of sterling achievements.



A leader who is capable of upholding the tenets under which s/he was elected.



T-PACT will support an leader intuitive capability of delivering the dividends of democracy.



A leader who will respect the rule of law despite whose ox is gored.



Must be willing to lay down personal gains for the interests of the people.

Questions & Answers on T-PACT

A. The field is too crowded for a new political party. No

A. It is a Movement of Young Nigerians mobilizing and Organizing for Power.

A. By using the mass number, the power of number of youths, to determine the political future of Nigeria

A. It is a non-ideological movement of the people


A. NO. He only incubated the idea; he is a joiner like everyone else. #TPACT is driven by youths

A. No. He’s interested in supporting an outsider with the real chance to upstage the old guards.

A. The URGENCY OF NOW demands that Nigerians /youths say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH; Commit to END the DOMINATION of the old guards. 21.9m unemployed Nigerians have that chance NOW to say: NO. ENOUGH.